Friday, June 22, 2012

Convert a JConnect's JFX fax to PDF (without software)

I rarely receive faxes, but when I do I've been using the jConnect fax service (by j2 Global Inc). I signed up for a free account* many years ago and it is still active and I still have my own free fax number for incoming faxes.

When someone sends you a fax, their servers will send it to you as an email attachment.  Interestingly, the attached *.jfx fax document is just a TIFF file, which you can view in any TIFF viewer.  By changing the filename extension from *.jfx to *.tif, you'll be able to double-click to open it.

Alternatively, just upload the *.jfx file to your Google Drive and view it online.  The fax is will then also be searchable and you can create a PDF by clicking 'Print (PDF)'.  By using the Google Drive client, you can set it all up to such that you save the *.fjx attachment to a local directory and the fax will automatically appear on your Google Drive account.

Footnote: (*) I'm not sure if they still provide free accounts; I found this page, but it appears to do nothing when one fills it out.


Megan Clark said...

Thank you! I've been needing a solution like this for a long time.

Kamira Isaacs said...

Great workaround! Helped alot! Thanks!

Joshua Tretakoff said...

Nice! Never have to use that outdated software again. Great tip.

Rashid Sajjad said...

Life saver tip! Thanks. I would love to hear any other free alternatives..its 2018!! and .jfx and j2 messenger still suck